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I’mma let you finish…

Posted by Matt


Sorry for the nonexistent posting recently. Life has gotten real in the past few weeks and so I imagine I will write less frequently until I graduate next May. One of the reasons I asked Nick to write too was so that there would be less dead space, but of course he goes to school too and so life is just as busy for him.

But anyway, I just wanted to share this internet gem with the world. Alfred Russel Wallace was an British naturalist and contemporary of Charles Darwin. He is famous for his work in the Amazon River basin and the Malay archipelago, and developed a theory of natural selection independently of Darwin. In fact, he sent Darwin an article outlining his theory while in Malaysia, which prompted Darwin to publish both Wallace’s article and his own findings. Too often, Darwin receives sole credit (or blame, depending) for the theories of natural selection and evolution, when in reality they represent the work of countless great scientists, Wallace and Darwin included.

The frog in the header is actually an illustration from Wallace’s book The Malay Archipelago. It is Wallace’s flying frog, Rhacophorus nigropalmatus.



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